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Today is Sunday, September 27, 2020

Working on procrastination


Something I have been working on a lot in the last few months is...procrastination. Although I never thought I would see the day when I was choosing to do things ahead of schedule and prior to literally the last second possible, I actually have been recently.

I started to ask myself "why not now?", when I would remind myself of a task I was needing to complete, or when an alarm would go off, a notification reminding me of something I had to do or anything of that nature, and I have made it to the point where I rarely leave things to the very last second anymore. Because I want to, this was probably the bigger shift in mindset that I saw surrounding doing this. Now, I would rather just get the task completed so that I know it is no longer weighing on me along with whatever other things I had been procrastinating for who knows how long.

I've been a procrastinator most of my life, but I've also been someone you would always be able to count on getting it done in the end, because I do hold integrity to a high degree when it comes to myself. I've just always been aware that I was able to complete the task, there is nothing holding me back and the only motivation for me at the time to complete it, was getting it done itself. Being a smart person, I would be able to determine how long it would take me to do said task, and I would schedule it for right before the deadline - whether I set it for myself, or it being something to complete for work, for a friend, a client, etc., and I would just make sure I had it done for when it was required.

Things changed when the tasks weren't things that I was used to accomplishing, and so I would put an estimated number together and started to find that things were taking me much longer to complete than I had considered due to many factors, but mostly things that weren't under anyone's control and there was no one to blame - except myself.

I started to finally see the reasoning to why people don't just wait until the last minute to do things, and that the sooner I was getting things done on my list, the more I was accomplishing because I was seeing the results faster and then feeling motivated to move onto the next task. It's amazing how thoughts can be so simple, but you need to be faced with some challenges and failures in order to appreciate a different way of doing things and changing your processes to finally see the logic in the thought and realize you may not be doing things in the most practical way.

It's a real trip to get to that place in life where you can see that you are needing to make some changes to the way you are in order to continue your self-improvement and not feel offended over it, because you figured it out yourself instead of someone telling you to do it. It's important to analyze ourselves every so often to see what improvements we can make or to determine what new challenge we may want to take on to expand our horizons and stretch our own limits.

I even turned on the keyboard that I scored before my grand drive back to Ontario which made its way here from Alberta with me and followed along to it teaching me the beginning of "Twinkle twinkle little star", which I've been having trouble bringing myself to do - so I'll take that as another win for the week on my rebuild because I did something new.

I've been working on getting my footing since I've been back here, and I finally felt grounded enough to add to my repertoire of things to keep me learning, growing and busy, which is something I didn't want to be long ago, but I'm starting to find the restlessness catching up with me now that this is becoming old hat for me and I'm enjoying feeling like I'm settling into being home.

So, of course, I decided to celebrate feeling more at home and opening myself up to starting new things with a trip to Olde Magick, and then I treated myself to a gluten free pizza (and maybe some treats..) from Little Sisterz, because doing those things not only satisfies my own wants in the moment, but it's a double win when I am supporting local business at the same time. Also, anyone who knows me knows that I like to celebrate just about anything, but I do think it's important to celebrate the little wins because life is certainly a rollercoaster and anything that brings us joy deserves a 'treat yourself moment' at the bare minimum.

Ask yourself what you've been putting off for far too long and take one tiny baby step towards it at the very least, and then treat yourself - because I said so!

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